About a Desk Girl

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in the early 80’s, Desk Girl moved to Cairo expecting a glamorous, high-paying job that would allow for a vast shoe collection. Instead, she found herself stuck at a desk, one job after another. Here you’ll find the dismal rants and genius observations of a brilliant mind stuck in the mundane cycle of Cairo. At least she has her shoes.

If you want to send me free shoe samples, email me at suzeeinthecity@gmail.com. Chocolate is also accepted.


11 responses to “About a Desk Girl

  1. ramy

    what a woderful words you have written, i hopr that every one who can read these words benfit from them and share them for the others.Best Regards

  2. Hello,
    I’m covering the EndSH blogging and Tweeting for Al Masry Al Youm English and I’m also working on my master’s thesis on women in Egypt. Are you available for a brief interview? I could also email you questions if that works better for you. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Kirsti Itameri

  3. Anonymous

    Good for you ! I am shoe collector as well .. so tell me what size of shoes you wear.. and what style you prefer.. I can ship u some!!

  4. from one shoe-loving, 20-something, young woman in Cairo to another- keep your head up! starting my own blog soon. glad i found yours. =]

  5. Shoes are truly a girl’s best friend and I say the more the merrier, because no matter what anyone says you can never have too many pairs of shoes 🙂

  6. Have you closed your twitter account or what? Can’t find you.

  7. Anonymous

    I want brunette girl from Cairo to deal with money
    call me 01112722705

  8. Hi I just wanted to say your blog is a great read! Ive recently come back from Egypt and just love it there! I look forward to reading your next posts xxxxxxx

  9. Mohy

    I think ur writing is really awesome and very funny, but I guess you need to be as yourself as you can gurl, forget Carrie Bradshaw.

  10. madpuppy

    Great job blogging. I njoy the your dark humor. The name though, really reminds of the Blog turned TV show “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”.

    Waiting for updates to your blog, last one was in August ’12, we are in december.

  11. Anonymous

    I want a foreign girl to know it for a lovely time in Cairo
    To continue +201092217381

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