Fame and Your Family

















It’s been a while. I won’t lie to you, I’ve wanted to write more, but I’ve been busy basking in the fame and celebrity status I have earned in my family, thanks to my post I’m an Egyptian Woman and I Like Being Sexually Harassed.

Me: Baba, 3000 people read my blog about sexual harassment!

Baba: What’s a blog?

Me: it’s a note you write online.

Baba: Ah, so it’s not real.

Me: Why?

Baba: It doesn’t count if it’s not in a newspaper.

Me: 3000 people is a big deal!

Baba: I have 1000 names on my phone; does that make me a big deal?

Me: (sulking) This is not a competition.

Baba: She writes a note on Facebook and calls herself a writer.

Me: It’s not on Facebook!

Baba: Even worse.

Me: It’s a blog! Bloggers are writers, you know!

Baba: Does Naguib Mahfouz have a blog? Does Alaa Al Aswany have a blog?

Me: (sulking) No.

Mama: Are you sure the 3000 people are even real?

Me: What?

Mama: How do we know you didn’t click on it 3000 times?

Me: For God’s sake, people read my blog! When am I going to get some respect around here?

Mama: When you clean your room.

Baba: Let’s look at the newspapers today. Is your name in El Sherouk? No. What about Al Masry Al Youm? Bardo no. What about Magalet El Shabab? Ha? Ha?

Me: You people are terrorists.

Mama: Stop being so mean to her, Abdalla. She looks tired, she must have been up all night clicking on her note.


Me: I’ll have you know that writing online is very cool. Alaa El Aswany tweets all the time.

Baba: He does what?

Me: He tweets. He sends messages on Twitter.

Baba: Mashy, so Alaa has tweetar. Hayel. How many books did he write?

Me: Many.

Baba: How many books did he sell?

Me: I’ll go clean my room.



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21 responses to “Fame and Your Family

  1. David Fox

    You can tell mamma and babba that Dave Fox is a real person in Amman and he enjoyed your blog post 🙂

  2. You’re genius, seriously i rarely laugh that hard or interact with a blog post like i do with your posts keep it going girl and one post is not enough plz make more even if it was just ideas or thoughts in your mind your sarcastic way in dealing with difficult situations impress me. you’re so talented and has a bright future a head of you unless you’re not having a bright career now 🙂

  3. Rana Nessim

    hahahahaha… I nearly fell off my chair laughing!
    You’re a super important writer in my eyes hun!

  4. s.

    I am a Suz(y) bint Abdalla and I’ve had a very similar conversation with my parents (variation: “Who cares if you work in development! Are you on al-Jazeera? No? Then…you’re not having a wide enough impact.”)

    In short, I feel a kinship.

  5. s.

    Also, that post gets like a million hits on Google. Just sayin’.

  6. Anonymous

    Respect to your parents! You inherited a refined sense of humour from them.

  7. tamara

    As usual, hilarious 🙂

  8. Shabaan za Salafy

    إستغفر الله العظيم . الدين علمنا طاعة الوالدين و الآن نقرأ هذا الفسق ؟ إلى جهنم وبئس المصير

    • Diary of a Desk Girl

      hello Shaaban, i’ve missed your beads of wisdom. How’s the beard?

    • AdhamS

      A3ooooooooooooooozo Bellah! Fe eh ya 3am Shabaan?!!!!!!! Lol Deskgirl, you remind me of my parents as well but atleast they are not THAT MEAN to me XD I think it is something in Egyptian DNA code to be honest, being mean to your kids but being a freakin angel to your grandchildren. HELL! I think you will be the same with your kidsXD The list goes on and on and on….

  9. AdhamS

    Ala Al Aswaany is a great man! Just saying……

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  11. sam

    i enjoyed reading it/ thanks
    and btw Aswani has a blog as well: alaaalaswany.maktoobblog.com

  12. patricia

    hahahahah alll i can say is your good funny i truly enjoy reading it keep on and do not worry baba will be ok hahahahahahahahah you should writer one about him lol

  13. Ahmed

    You know what ?!
    “Experience comes from bad judgment”. Barry Le Patner 1889
    Go ahead your time is limited, I ll be waiting for more.

  14. patricia

    your great i love reading your blog and tell Baba dont be a dream killer lol and you just keep on writing,, I lived in cairo and how you explain sexual harrassment something that driver me crazy ,,, i like that robot cob lol killer look i say and i think i scare them i have my 19 year old daughter with me and i look at the boys like i will kill you ahahahaha i trun a few head in the other way with my killer look i have even made mean comments to them and and if you bark most egyptian they back up it is almost LIKE BOOO i am more crazy then you God see what you do ,,
    lol hahahah but never hear it the way you share it thanks ,

  15. Haha, the conversation we all have with our parents/family/relatives/sometimes-even-strangers, you are not alone!

  16. hahahahaha, I’m insanely jealous! How do you write so well?
    It’s official; this is my favorite blog now!

  17. DeskGirl, you’re hilarious! You’re also solidifying the Egyptians are Side-Splitting Bastards stereotype that I keep trying to stop believing in. (Because stereotypes are bad, right?)

    *guffaws and chuckles some more*

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