I’m an Egyptian Woman and I Like Being Sexually Harrassed

I wake up every morning looking forward to getting sexually harassed in Cairo. Because a day gone by without being whistled at like cattle or groped like a melon at a vegetable store is a day unlived in this city. Right?

I even dress according to how often I’d like to get harassed that day. Tight white t-shirt? That’s the number one sign that I’m asking for it. Skinny jeans are obviously worn to highlight my butt so men know what to grab (some short-sighted idiots completely miss and grab my hip instead, which is just plain insulting).

And since I don’t cover my hair, then obviously I know what shit I’m getting myself into by walking on the streets of the city I call home as an equal citizen to the men that lurk on corners, outside shops, dangling from microbuses, waiting happily.

As an Egyptian woman, I completely understand that my purpose in this life is to serve the sexually frustrated imaginations of these poor men who can’t get it up. My father and mother spent years of sweat, tears and hard-earned cash on educating me into an emancipated woman so that one day I become a walking piece of meat on the street. Obviously.

Then I discovered that all the hours I put into my hair and makeup make no difference whatsoever to my sexual predators; I could walk around with my uncombed hair and a gallabeya; hell, I could wear a black tent from head to toe and still, they’d find something sexual about me. Ever heard Egyptian men talk about how erotic the Niqab is? Yeah, apparently there’s nothing you can do or wear to incite harassment.

Just the plain fact that you have boobs and they don’t means you’re up for grabs, literally.

I could spend what’s left of my pea-sized woman’s brain wondering what I did to deserve this friendly male reception, or analyzing why society has continuously objectified us little women into pigeon-holes of either innocent, doe-eyed girls or rampant whores; but I won’t.It takes too much brain power, and me being the weaker sex, I should stick to what I do best, which according to these men, is nothing.

Which is why I should never talk back, or look back, or yell or ask for help; this is my fate, I must accept it. And not even the veil can protect me from my Muslim brothers.

So I play a little game in my head. It’s like walking through a videogame scene, where every man is a potential predator, and I keep my radar finely tuned, my walk fast and dontmesswithme, my eyes scanning every corner for attackers. Over the years, I’ve acquired a Robocop face that occasionally scares the living shit out of small children and animals, and my middle finger is my videogame weapon that I choose to shoot when the moment comes.

But I only keep it for those who really deserve it; I ask myself ‘Is this the worst line I’ve heard all day? Has he managed to completely annihilate my self-esteem?’ If so, then he gets the finger. If not, I just walk on.

And I defy what my well-intentioned mother and many other kind Egyptians have taught me, and I answer back. Why should men  get all the fun?

Him: Bsssst! Bsssssst! Bssssssst!!

Me: Bsssst dee teb2a ommak.



Him: Wat Zis? Wat Zis? Wat Zis? WAT ZIS?

Me: Zis is etnayel yala.

Him: Matgeeb Bosa?

Me: Ma3ak Dettol?


Me: Ommak Ar3a.

And as fun as it is to talk back, I’m sure I’m not getting the same kick out of it that they are. And I know that it could only make things worse for me, my predator could easily attack me  in broad daylight or get his friends together to follow me like a pack of rabid dogs, and of course it will be my fault because I talked back, when I should ignore it and accept that this is the price you pay for being a woman in Egypt. Right?



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457 responses to “I’m an Egyptian Woman and I Like Being Sexually Harrassed

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    • Anonymous

      iwat you ican fuk you very seety

    • abdu reh an

      ilove you but please send me your photo

    • Anonymous

      إختشي علي دم أمك

      • Anonymous

        هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه 😀 مسخرة والله 😀
        ناس معندهاش حياء يا جدع

    • Anonymous

      I hope you land in some gay heaven and they harass the shit out of you. I hope they grope, attack, touch you and verbally abuse you. Just so that you and your retarded brothers could get a taste of your own poison.
      Fuck you. Seriously!
      I would have also prayed that your mother would some day come complaining to you that she was harassed on the street, but then I thought this would be very evil of me. I also thought that I am sure this happens to her daily already, and probably to your sister, to your girlfriend and to your cousins too.
      I just really hope it happens to you someday.

      • M

        hey hey no need to drag the gays into this we did nothing now and are not interested in him.
        On another note amazing article! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Cairo is the “gay heaven” you talk about. Young egy men fuck anything. And, our 5000 strong seniorcitizen/gay/expat community are most grateful for that. Send the harrassers to us. We calm them down, blow them for you, for your safety. I only wish we could “do” more (of them).

      • Anonymous

        I dont give fuck about what you are saying but you did alot of bad things in lifeing dont think that you are the best person in the world there people better then you remember that

  2. abdu reh an

    iwant fuk very slovly and long also

    • Anonymous

      إختشي علي دم أمك

    • Anonymous

      I hope you land in some gay heaven and they harass the shit out of you. I hope they grope, attack, touch you and verbally abuse you. Just so that you and your retarded brothers could get a taste of your own poison.
      Fuck you. Seriously!
      I would have also prayed that your mother would some day come complaining to you that she was harassed on the street, but then I thought this would be very evil of me. I also thought that I am sure this happens to her daily already, and probably to your sister, to your girlfriend and to your cousins too.
      I just really hope it happens to you someday.

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  4. Anonymous

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  5. Erick Knaider

    Unbelievable. Look at the comments! What is this?!

    I dont know how you girls manage in Cairo. I really don’t know. Chapeau for your tolerance and patience.

    God bless.

  6. Instead of guys feeling some empathy with one of millions daily victims in the street for whom their only fault is being a female, they are showing a way worse inhumane side showing how much they are dead from the inside out.

    Cheer up, be brave as you are, and a day would come in which all that would change Insha’ Allah…

  7. Anonymous

    This is so complicated and has nothin to do with females themselves, we do respect our sisters, more there anywhere in the world, but what happens when ur a man, life goin on fast, u getting old, in ur 30’s and your virgin, can’t find a job, don’t have nothing, can’t have a wife, life, sex, etc, ur mind is unstable, seeing all these girls out who you can’t dream of one of them to be your wife simply becus ur a poorbum, we’re vein!! We didn’t see nothing, we didn’t achieve anything, we feel useless, put urself in our sitution, instead of harrasing girls, I wish I had only one girl and be able to give her a good life, instead of sitting most of the days in coffe shops “ahwa” I wish I had a good job and make money!! Instead of my parents giving me money in this age, I wish I was the one giving em, this all sucks, makes one do anything to forget about his sorrows, hopless life, u ppl can’t just come on here from ur perfect life and say omg look at this egyptian people and what they do, try living our life, see years passing by and ur the same guy doin the same thing every hour,day,month,year…don’t judge.

    • Anonymous

      This is quite an empty argument. So you infringe on the rights of others and demoralize and hurt them because you yourself are victimized by society? Really? So if it’s alright to harass women because you are poor and a virgin isn’t also alright to rob a bank or kill someone for their money? Because, you’re a victim and all and everything you do is justified.

      Honestly, this is the argument mostly used by criminals. Shirking the responsibility for their actions and blaming it on their situation.

      And by the way, aren’t Egyptian women also suffering from the same cultural and socioeconomically situations as yourself? As a matter of fact they are. And to top it all off, tehy have to deal with immoral pigs who thinks it’s fine to harrass them on the street because they’re haven’t been fortunate enough in their lives.

      Pigs belong in pigsties.

    • orei

      I’ve been to countries that have a more troubled population and society however you dont find this sexual harassment and frustration. I think it’s more linked to certain morals and values in our society that portray sexual pleasure and women as a trophie for good behavior… I leave the rest for your imagination.

    • youssef

      May you allow me to thank you for the good description of the sad current egyptian situation,sure it is not the case for all egyptian youngmen,but for many of them!Also the problem is in the morals and not sticking to the religion and not applying the right religion on our attitudes and thinking to be well-mannered with the women!

  8. Linda

    I’m with you sister! I live in France and even though the situation is very different here I feel the same anger. Everyday I get comments in the street about how I look. Recently I started talking back to whomever said something. I calmly explain that men should not comment on women’s bodies, that it isn’t a right that they have. We all have to fight back, talk back and believe in a better relationship between men and women. I know it’s a billion times worse in Egypt and in many other countries. I hope you you find the strength to go on fighting.

  9. Anonymous

    Well said , but I think ppl with these disgusting comments didnt understand what u talking about at all !!! , specially the 1st part , this is sad !!

  10. Bravo girl! I can’t believe the comments… Animals is an understatement. Primates too… God help us!

  11. norah davex


    I lived in Cairo for a while and I am originally from the states. I can tell you for sure that i enjoyed the harrassment because men here in the states literally dont see women. I think they are too busy with their own selves being the best
    at sports and they dont have much time on their hands like Egyptian men do because
    unlike Egyptian men, american guys like to drink with other guys without hitting that much
    on other women they are drunk and like to skateboard, workout for hours, run and keep
    themselves busy. They hardly would notice if a naked woman strutted infront of them. They keep
    to themselves even if shes very attractive they would not spare her a glance. So
    seeing you talk about being annoyed by harrassment surprises me because when I
    was in cairo I really enjoyed the attention I got from men which I other wise do
    not get at all in America even if I tried.

    Thank you for reading!


    • Anonymous

      Emm Norah are you bat-shit crazy? You must be… Please trade our men for yours then, you can enjoy feeling like a cheap piece of ass and gropped, humiliated, harassed, raped, killed or all at once. In case you didn’t know, there is also a trend where they throw sulfuric acid on a woman’s face or body, I’m sure you would enjoy that. Cheers

      • PATRICIA

        wow i am american woman who live in egypt a few times over the last 10 years and it is crazy i am not sure what Norah is saying about man in the usa man here will cat call or eye you sure they are not going to touch you or get in your face because we have a police force that will back us up if they do , but come on now you tell me in all your life you never got hit well not much to say to that .. other then i bet you do not understand arabic very well or you have no scent to feel they are not being nice or every respecting you and if they know your are an exprat woman oh boy , but i can only compare her comment to when i was in the military in the early 80’s and i hate to sound rude ok but ugly girls would just go crazy because guys gave them attention but i was always like give me a break come on there are not as many woman as men and they see woman wow it like anything would look good cow or pig or sheep would look good to hahahah so i guess if your not so pretty and you and you got to egypt you can feel like a beauty queen lol loco loco Norah lol but no joking it is not nice and when i get harassed i say to them you say that to your mother sister , or haram and i give a evil look they think i was the devil woman lol but i feel for egyptian woman they have it so hard and i like how the own of the blog say she use being a woman to get out of getting ticket i do not blame her one bit .. I had a friend that she get stop by a police office and he ask her for her phone number or he take her id and she say it is to hard to get it back and after i learn that i befor 25 jan when she get stop by the police i say something like is everything ok sir she giving me a ride to the embassy lol i use to work it when i learn how the police where to my egyptian girl friends i have stories i can tell lol BUT PLEASE NORAH IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL AMERICAN WOMAN OR SHE VERY OLD LOL

    • attia kamal

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      I wait, please tell me about your suitable time

    • alec

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      Lets meet and go to a casino or a club and take it from there

      Take care

  12. Anonymous

    My thoughts are with you – how can they dare and try to find sad excuses… THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANY OF THIS!
    Keep your head up, go on and I hope that things will change for the better and they finally come to see the right that has ALWAYS BEEN YOURS!

    I can only talk for Germany but there would be a LAWSUIT if anyone harassed a woman – physically assault (and that is what it really is) is unthinkable for me.

  13. Tamer

    I can’t believe harassment is even resuming here in comments .. This nation is f sick

  14. cap sam

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  15. hi zidane 23 year from cairo and that is my number 01270223330

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  18. Anonymous

    So sad… They are far from being your brothers… Woman are not sex objects they are not made for a man’s pleasure… they are made to be able to look at a man and not away, they are made to be called a sister in return and respected as one. I am sorry you have to go through this =(

  19. This is so sad, I remember all the harassment I got in Brazil but I imagine the situation is more complicated in Cairo. These man are just so afraid of women, of what we can achieve, and they use their brainless strength to try and keep us silent.. We are their enemies even though we are the reason they are in this world in the first place.. I could never understand such lack of compassion and respect.. but please hang in there, I really hope situation gets better there..

  20. OmarMagdi

    Get some pepper spray and fuck the shit out of their eyes. be a tough woman, weak women won’t last long with a pack of wolves.

  21. Ahmed

    I absolutely loved this piece. Like a true Egyptian, your sarcasm is on point. Egypt needs to focus on education and dispel the abundance of ignorance that is prevelant in today’s Egyptian society. Unfortunately, the 1952 Egyptian revolution led to the demise of an extremely successful British education system.

  22. Fashe5 el tennen

    Well, the game shit was so fucking funny but anyway ur right men in egypt will harrass u so what the hell ever , whatever u wear, do or reply with. IDK but i would never do that. Also whenever i try to defend a girl who’s being harrassed i get beaten the shit out of me 😀 , i am 15 YO and the harrasser is like in his 20s or 30s. At least i tried 😀

  23. Anonymous

    What is sicker than the actual harassment is the comments left here by some who can’t understand they’re the ones being ridiculed. (great sense of humour by the way). What use is it to free a country of a tyran if women can’t be free to walk about?

  24. islam

    brilliant article, but i would say that if every girl being sexual harassed stood up for those sick mother fuckers they will think twice before harassing you again and i have seen a lot of good examples out there.

  25. KachinaStar

    I am sitting here laughing my butt off because I happen to be Egyptian as well (born and raised in California, parents from Heliopolis and Nasr city). And I do recall visiting Egypt as a kid, then as a 16-17 year old where it was quite different with no hijab and so-called “American” clothing (but still modest)… this was in the 1990’s… my uncle had to hold my hand when we went to the bazaar – I forgot what the locals call it – and I was horrified yet strangely satisfied by all the attention I received from the men around us… To this day, the idea of that kind of attention is erotic to me, so I best stay the heck out of Egypt for the time being 🙂 As a side note, I once came across a documentary about an ancient Egyptian piece of artwork on papyrus – “pornography” if you will – of orgys, body parts, positions, etc. They showed some of it and it’s pretty detailed, so it’s not on display in museums. Maybe we’re not so different from them. LOL

  26. Ali Fareed Rasool

    This is sad. Firstly, because Islam goes against the behavior of the Egyptian men. Secondly, you should receive better respect and love. Thirdly, you say that you like it and dress for the occasion. Why not leave Egypt? I am from the USA and I became a Muslim. Our Muslim women don’t get this type of treatment in the USA. I would be willing to marry you, but you would first have to want to be respected and then obey Allah and His messenger too. Don’t accept this bad treatment and know that Islam doesn’t support it or condone it. I wish you the best. May Allah guide and assist you. If you need any advice or help, I am here for you.

  27. Samir

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  29. Wow I heard woman folks in Egypt had tough time but I had no idea .. My cousin went Egypt to do tourism (she always admire middle east culture and ancient Egyptian art) and even she was with her entire family, man tried to harrss her with their dirty mouth.. after that , she burn all her middle east photo ,books,maps and Never talk about middle east. Cheer for the ladies in Egypt and hope god punish all BAD man in Egypt and comment section.

    • Anonymous

      Ok let us arrange a date I am open minded , well educated, ready for every thing you want

      • PATRICIA

        wow you don’t get it sexually harrassment come from all so call class and educated back ground and your statement of an open mind hahah that is a sad one what is open mind hahahah but anyway i am sure you will not get it because you think your class and educated means a lot but look the government it letting this happen well anyway open minded lol well educated hahah harasser

  30. To paraphrase, how do you do a search for information sites that fit what I want to check out? Does any body have learned how to BROWSE through blogs and forums by content or anything that on blog writer? . ekeddgdeaacekkec

  31. Ahmed

    I’m so ashamed
    I’ve never harassed someone be4, but as an Egyptian man I just feel so sad and ashamed.
    I can only say sorry.
    I hope things get better.

  32. Ayman

    Hi ;

    If ur really interested in being owned or controlled msg me

  33. sha3b ebn wes5a ya3ny aked m3na el kalam msh enha mbsota b eltahrosh w el 5ra ely ( half mens ) by3mlo aked it sarcasm w ento zyten w ely yb3tlaho rakmo w ely y2olaha klmeny…. m3lsh mahya lw 3yza ay 7aga mn ely f dma3’ko msh htstna hd menko ….w enty hya 5alas baldna ba2et kda w 3omraha mahtet3’yer f lw msh hat2dry testa7mly el 3esha de safry aked bra msh hyb2a b 3fana de

  34. Anonymous

    01012310445……just call me and u will ease ur pain

  35. Ahmed

    Hello. You are really funny. But I think that you still have more to say

  36. Anonymous

    nigas is sad…

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

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  40. portalier

    I am in Cairo 4months already ,I am boring in this noisy city..
    I did some month in shark sheick 3months.
    I am not happy . I hope be able leave fast ,iwilll back Egypt 2000 later

  41. Rekaby

    this country needs nuclear BOMB or a war to get rid of the people here and start fresh

  42. Ahmed

    i’m an egyptian guy, and i’m in no way open-minded to the point of losing virginity and having sex or drinking wine. i prefer to stick to certain religious values no matter how far i may go.

    But i have a word i want to take off my chest to you …
    i’m one of those guys who actually want to get to meet and know girls anywhere outside our social circles, it’s the scarcity mentality that we have to latch on whatever person we find around us (in workplace, college …etc) which is not necessarily what we like. and that’s killing me, and it’s why relationships fail because we are trained to scarcity, you pick one from the ones surrounding you, whether you are compatible or not you make sacrifices and eventually it’s why divorce rates are high.

    that’s why i’d love to get to know girls outdoors, to pick the best of the best for ME. it’s not rejection that i fear, i know it will be total disregard or a chaos if i did approach stranger girls in my country.

    but what you mentioned in your article is the reason why you and other egyptian girls grew so much shields against us because most men objectify women. (not just here, it’s everywhere around the world it’s ingrained in men’s nature to get hooked on looks, but it’s definitely overdone in our country).

  43. Anonymous

    Cairo used to be an enjoyable city, but … like everything in Egypt.. it’s just history

  44. Anonymous

    call me for fuck 01201283377

  45. Omg, this is a very disappointing article, it really made me somehow wonder when are we going to change (as men of course) but the funny part was when i finished and i decided to read the comments, WTF really :D, i mean that i can’t stop laughing even when am writting this comment still can’t stop laughing, they all are asking how can i find you please i need you they just went by the title they didn’t even read one word from your article. This is hilarious i came to read some really sad comments to find this 😀 so i have to tell you CHEER UP U ARE IN EGYPT ::) and where can i find you :DDD hahahahahahaaaaaa

  46. Kiks

    Well I’m sorry that you get aroused by the idea and even dress up to it, but once I was waiting for a friend and a girl passes by followed by 2 primates talking loudly about how sweet she looks and that she would taste great, all of a sudden she opened the car door and sat next to me telling me please act like you are someone I know 3ashan yemsho, fa they did and the discussion went on, that she actually likes to be harassed to but somewhere she could run if anything bad happens to avoid being raped, and then she asked me why don’t I like to touch or harass women on the street, I told her gently that if you asked me willingly to touch you I would but I wouldn’t do so on my own, she replied ” that destroys the concept of harassment, you killed the fantasy”.
    So I guess a lot of girls like that too, which is kinky but very sad

  47. Anonymous

    you make the best thing to live happy without any stresses believe me I am a nan but I have never do something like that I’ve been polite but I knew that if you need respect you should earn it with your way andi wish you feel better now 😂😂😂with your new way

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